My First Time

So I’m new to this world of blogging. I actually don’t know the first thing about “promoting your brand.” However, ever so often I feel compelled to share what’s on my mind and heart. So the Question is why should you take time out of your busy schedule to read what this 42 year old minister, steeped in the black preaching tradition, when you could be doing other things? Well let me share my story and then you can decide.

I was born in Cleveland, OH… Cleveland Heights to be exact. This is important to me because I believe this has shaped the way I view my world and engage in my relationships. Clevelanders are loyal and love hard! We stand by what we believe in… even if what we stand by causes us frustration and angst (ask any Cleveland Browns fan since the year 1999).

My life probably like your life has taken a lot of twists and turns. In my life I have been a High School wrestler and football player; A submariner and Intelligence Specialist in the U.S. Navy; A student at a Historically Black University, An evangelistic private university, And an Ivy League University (Go Crimson).

Each of these opportunities have given me a variety of experiences which has forced me to view life in different ways at different times. my desire in this b log is to share my heart as a father, husband, Clergyman, and friend. I will talk about a lot of things. I hope that you read and communicate with me. My future posts will be more focused than this but today this is all you get. Be easy and stay sucka free!!!


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